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Newava Custom Products

Custom Magnetics:

We custom design and manufacture chokes, inductors, and transformers tocustomer specifications.

We produce surface mount, through-hole, and standalone units from minuscule to 40-pound products.

Our composite list of the types of materials and configurations that we have produced in the past include:

  • Bobbin Wound
  • Laminated
  • Toroidal
  • Slug Cores
  • Air Coils

Note: Coatings to include varnishes, glues, epoxies both dipped and encapsulated.

Custom Cable Harnessing & Assemblies Electro-mechanical Assemblies

PCB Assemblies:

We produce electro-mechanical assemblies, custom and standard cable harnesses, and specialized PCB assemblies. Our products are meticulously custom built to customer specifications and requirements.

Custom capabilities currently in production include:

  • Wire Harnesses
  • Electro-mechanical Assemblies
  • Small-Run PCB Assemblies
  • Control Boxes
  • Electrical Sub-panels

We are willing to review any production requirements you may have.

Newava is willing to invest in new and different product types based upon customer needs.
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